Gearing up for Life

lifeI can’t believe we’re already two months into 2014 – and for most of it, I’ve been caught up inside some sort of mental fog. I’ve been finding myself getting sucked into the drama, demands and drudgery of daily life. Little by little, another layer of haze descends on my outlook, dampening my enthusiasm – and consequently, crushing my productiveness.  This is a joke, really – since nothing has changed but my outlook. It’s a dangerous game I’ve been playing. It dawned on me this morning that allowing myself to get lulled into this state may, quite possibly, be committing the greatest sin there is – not honoring and cherishing LIFE.

DewSo this morning when I woke up and looked out the window, I made myself notice the sunlight glistening off the dew-covered foliage. I looked down at my two dogs, my ever faithful companions, and sent an appreciative prayer of gratitude up to the heavens for their presence in my life. I took a moment to get still, assess my physical body, and acknowledge that at this moment, there is no pain or hindrance holding me back from doing whatever I want today.  Not everyone can say that – and it would improve the quality of my life to remember it.

For those of you that follow my blogs for helpful inspiration and insight, I apologize for the recent lack of posts – but I really have had nothing to say, and I feel like words should be meaningful and not just spoken to fill the silence.

butterflyAs a writer who isn’t writing, should I be worried? The old me would have been – but the older, wiser me has been here before. I tend to go through “incubation periods” where I crawl back into my chrysalis to gradually change and transform into something else. Those quiet periods are strange but amazingly powerful – because I eventually emerge, just like a butterfly, with some newfound wisdom to color my world. I guess the exciting part is that you never what that will be – or where it will take you. But at least now, I trust it. I know that even in the still and lack-luster moments of life, we are slowly moving forward, resting up and preparing for the next great phase of our adventure. My new goal is to sharpen my senses to the amazing beauty that is around me every day – develop a window the world – while I’m wrapped up tight, awaiting my new wings. Life itself is good.  Our lives will be whatever we make them. So, whatever today brings your way, don’t worry – everything is as it’s supposed to be. Simply have faith and know that when the time is right, you’ll be more than ready to fly.

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