“A Moment of Clarity”

Life doesn’t have to be confusing!  A happy and contented life just involves finding the right perspective.  My regular “A Moment of Clarity” column for Positive Impact Magazine offers tips for planting your feet firmly on the path to success and shining your own special light for all the world to see!  Check it out!


Strategic Stress Relief

A Better Body for Anybody: In 10 Easy Steps!

Creating the Complete You!

Unlocking Greatness:  It’s All About Attitude

Gratitude: The First Step toward a More Positive World

The UP Side of a DOWN Economy

The Benefits of Getting Older: Yes, there are some!

Cultivating Simplicity: Livin’ Large in a Smaller Way

Tips for Taming Time

5 Keys to Personal Peace

Is a layoff ruining your marriage-

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  1. Wow, thanks MM!  I will most certainly accept – thanks so much for the nod of appreciation! :)

    Change-makers in Action!

Although living in the world today may be chaotic, positivity still abounds! Check out these articles about movements for change, people with purpose and ways to start creating a better life today!

Out of the Shadows: The Peace Women

Paul Newman’s Legacy of Charity

PGA’s Rodney Green:  Turning Boundaries into Blessings

Global Health Advancements: One World/One People

Big Cat Rescue: Heeding the Call of the Wild

Bring Our Music Back: An Instrument for Change

Matt Damon: Man on a Mission

Farm Aid: Planting Seeds for a Prosperous Future

Iron Chef Michael Symon: Dishing out Good Advice

Recycling in the Age of Technology: TVs, Computers and Phones, Oh My!

Student Philanthropy: Our Richest Resource

Through the Eyes of an Artist: The EyeWriter

Demystifying 2012: 5 Steps to an Empowered Future

Bringing Home Baby: Creating Predictable Happiness for you and your Family

The Washington Mystics: Going for the Big Win

Creative Conservation: 10 Small Ways to Make a BIG Difference


Looking for a little more luxury in your life?  Dreaming of your dream home?

Nothing can simultaneously calm your soul and enliven your senses like adding some beauty to your immediate surroundings.  Grab a a glimpse of some gorgeous homes while picking up a few tips for how to transform you own abode into a relaxing oasis.

Beauty is in the Details / How to Accessorize your Home

Home Tour: Pursuit of Elegance

Objects of Desire / Oggetti Table Designs

Home Tour: Bold & Beautiful

Lighting the Way: Top Lighting Questions Answered by a Lighting Expert


Interested in the latest efforts in wildlife conservation?

Photo courtesy of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
Photo courtesy of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

Check out this searchable database focused on many of the innovation organizations supported by the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.  Since its inception, the Fund has granted more than $9 million to protect wildlife and wild places.  Join in the mission and donate today.

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