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400dpiLogoWise Counseling, Inc. offers a wide array of resources to help. Whether your battling relationship difficulties, dealing with the effects of trauma, or simply feeling a general dissatisfaction with life, we’ll provide you with the insight, tools and techniques needed to regain a sense of peace and satisfaction.

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

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Do you feel as if something is keeping you from living your ideal life? As if there is something invisible standing in your way? While we all have challenges to overcome in our lives, our problems do not define us. My specialty is helping you rediscover your true self, the positive as well as the negative, so that you can move past obstacles and start living your best life today. Through a process of whole person awareness – mind, body and spirit – combined with proven evidence based treatments, I will help you begin to find the peace, confidence and satisfaction that can often evade us. Together, we will discover the tools that work best for you and put you back in the driver’s seat to creating a life that fulfills you. A problem is just a challenge to which we have not yet found a viable plan of action. This doesn’t mean that life will be perfect, of course, but an increase in our own personal empowerment does allow us to feel confident and capable of handling whatever comes our way. I will teach you how to move from reactionary to proactive. There is always hope when you know where to look for solutions.

EMDR International Association Certified Therapist

EMDR is an effective, evidence-based treatment for trauma that can help you break free from unhelpful life patterns. Click here to find out how EMDR works – and what you might expect an EMDR session to look like.

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Marci Wise is currently accepting clients at two locations:

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