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PAIN, PASSION & PURPOSE by Marci Wise –  Available Now on Amazon!IEx_goldoval_finalist300

What people are saying about Pain, Passion & Purpose:


Judge #56 – 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards – Self Help Category:

“One of the best I’ve read in my years of reading and judging books.”

Amazon Book Review:

“There are times when I think that it has all been covered, why read any more books like this… of course that is when you find a hidden treasure!…This book reached in and touched my heart. For anyone suffering from regrets, or holding back in life because of some deep pain, this book WILL help!”  D. Eggleston

Judge #25 – 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards – Inspirational Category:

“The writing sparkles with this authors passion for understanding the ways of the spiritual life and, in following one of its basic tenets, generously shares her wisdom in the pages of this well-organized book, displaying a real compassion for the human experience in all of its many shades.”

Customer Review:

“Everyday that I open the pages of this amazing book, the minutes, hours, and even days that follow are full of hope. If you ever have that question “why me?” Or want to better understand how to retrain your brain and redirect your energy in a positive way THIS is the answer!”  M. Tuccio

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Finding Meaning in the Mysterious _Understanding our DreamsPaul McCartney claims that he “found” the Beatles song Yesterday in a dream.

Golfer Jack Nicklaus designed a new way to hold his golf club in a dream, which he credits with improving his game.

While dreaming on a plane flight, Stephen King received the entire premise for his best-seller Misery.

Dreaming – we all do it, but what’s the purpose of these messages that relentlessly consume our sleeping hours?

Could they actually be a roadmap of sorts, designed to help nudge us toward our highest good?

Marci Wise talks with Dream Expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg to shed some light on this widely misunderstood aspect of human nature.

Learn how to interpret your dreams – and find out why nightmares are the most important dreams of all!

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