(Nighttime Inspiration) The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Photo courtesy of www.morguefile.com

Okay, I’ll admit it – I have a strange mind. Through my work as a writer, I have received one of the greatest blessings of my life, the ability to open myself up to inspiration. However, sometimes I can’t seem to turn that inspiration off. Like last night for example. I actually woke up with this entire blog already written in my head (and this isn’t the first time this has happened). So what does that mean?

Is this a much needed message for me that my psyche was imparting through my sleeping hours? (Probably). Or was it a message for you – who just happens to have clicked on this link? (Possibly). Or is it a timeless message for all of us – and I’m just the instrument to put the words to the page (Perhaps).

So, here it is. I’m learning to just “go with the flow” and allow inspiration to take the lead. Hopefully it speaks to your heart or improves your life in some way. I know I will be heeding it’s timely message.

“Healthy people have healthy boundaries. Unhealthy people, well, let’s not get into that. It’s like this: some people have walls which means they let no one in. This equals unhealthy. Some people let everyone in and let themselves be stepped all over. This equals unhealthy.”Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Photo courtesy of www.morguefile.comIt’s okay to say “no” – yet somehow most of us have come to think that being a good person, a good employee, or a good friend means showing up 24/7. Not only is that impractical but it’s downright exhausting. Plus, it isn’t honoring our own needs but instead consciously choosing to put ourselves at the end of the line. Is it no wonder that we often find ourselves feeling like we have nothing more to give?

Setting boundaries isn’t selfish – it healthy.

It’s the social media paradox. We’ve allowed people into every corner and crevice of our lives – but its okay to keep some things private and special. We must nurture and protect our inner flame so that our light can continue to shine brightly. It’s not selfish or arrogant to do so. In fact, it’s just good common sense. Let’s face it, even some of the people we love the most can function as “energy vampires” – sucking the life right out of our zest for living.

file2661253104452Being an authentic, open-hearted person doesn’t mean that we have no personal spaces in our lives anymore. We still get to pick and choose the areas of our lives in which we allow people to roam. When you strive to give your best to everyone and everything, it just makes sense that you have to become choosier about where you place your energies. It’s okay to put people through an initiation where you can truly determine if they are worthy of your time and energy. This isn’t done out of mean spiritedness but instead to promote your ultimate effectiveness – so that you may continue to make strides in creating the most positive and uplifting life that you can.

rainbow qigong 2You must create enough space so that you can hear your own inner wisdom when it speaks to you. The noise of the busy world can drown out our own Divine instructions. We each have a purpose (maybe even more than one) and the only way we can set our footsteps on the right path is to do a little soul-searching and put the pieces of our own puzzle together – without too much distraction. That means that downtime to rest and recuperate is crucial. You are not obligated to be open 24 hours a day/7 days a week and shouldn’t be expected to do so. So, contrary to popular opinion, you’re not a bad person for caring for yourself, as well as others. When we can get it right, not only will we be healthier and happier but we will also serve as a positive example for others. A healthy life with a side order of boundaries? Yes, don’t mind if I do.

Copyright © 2015 marciwise.com. Material is copyrighted but free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address. Marci Wise is the author of Pain, Passion & Purpose, finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards.

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