Speaking from the Heart

I felt broken. I was surprised at how empty I felt inside. As a normally cheerful and motivated person, a series of unexpected events – a layoff and some health issues – left me feeling as if all then energy had been sucked out of my world. What I didn’t know then was that this emptiness would soon be filled by new and wondrous insights. Indulging in the pain momentarily – which I would never have let myself do previously – would allow me to discover that we can indeed take the crap that life throws us and turn it into fertilizer for our dreams.

Pain,_Passion_&_Purpose by Marci WiseThat’s why I wrote my latest book, Pain, Passion & Purpose: A Guide to Escaping Torment & Finding Bliss. So many of us feel trapped in our pain instead of realizing that it can be the springboard to our greatest happiness – if we can find the courage to stare it in the face and take back our own power. Through my own anguish I discovered a hidden path to my own authenticity and a renewed zest for life.

Like so many other women, I had a bad case of “good-girl” syndrome – I’d always wanted to be good and do good. I’d believed that by following that credo, life would surely deliver all my dreams. But then it didn’t – and I saw unfairness, injustice, selfishness and greed prosper – and it threw me into a soul searching crisis. Was the world not what I believed it to be? In order to be successful, would I have to become something that I didn’t want to be?

Photo of the "Field of Enlightenment:Surprisingly, I found my answers in nature. Behind my home was an open field of walking trails (which I would come to nickname “The Field of Enlightenment”) and it was there that I would begin to glimpse gifts from God and the Universe – each one refilling the emptiness inside me with wonder and awe.

There’s a magic to living. A mysterious and un-named place where inspiration lives, hope flourishes, and love envelopes the entirety of your being. I stumbled into this spot unexpectedly, but with an open heart and mind I was allowed to find not only the answers to my questions but also what felt like the entire encyclopedia!

As a person, I felt transformed – and as a journalist I was determined to create a pathway that others could follow to find this same space. My research showed me that I was not alone in these discoveries. Great people throughout time had also found incredible illumination through their struggles. In the book, I’ll share their quotes and stories with you – and show you how you too can find solace.

Photos from the Field of Enlightenment
Photos from the Field of Enlightenment

The end result is the priceless discovery that there are no accidents; everything happens for a reason, and most importantly, that we are never alone on our journey. The loving force that rules the world (whatever you choose to call it) is simply awaiting your invitation. And it doesn’t judge you, threaten you, or force you – it simply loves you.  It’s not tied to any religion – simply and aspect of our human nature – as we are all Mind, Body and Spirit.

My intention for this book is to help others become free of their pain and recapture the wonder and excitement for living that they had as children – before disappointment made us dull down our dreams.  Ironically, each painful experience holds a section of the roadmap to your unique purpose. The answers are hidden in plain sight – I’ll show you how to find them by tapping into a Divine inspiration far superior than any plan you could come up with on your own with simple brain-power.

HappinessIt’s my sincere desire to share the keys to freedom that I’ve found with anyone carrying the burden of a heavy pain.  Although it may not feel like it now, you actually have the power of transformation at your fingertips.  Lay down your ego, open your heart and accept your gift – the greatest gift that life has to offer.

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