The Free Test that will Change your Life

Let’s face it, it’s a huge world full of infinite possibilities.  When choosing a career direction it can be difficult to commit to just one that seems like the perfect fit.  Add the fact that most of us have multiple interests, and it can be almost impossible to discern which path will lead to your greatest happiness. And even if you do make a pretty good decision, you can’t help but look back longingly at the other options you left behind.  At least that’s the way it’s always been for me.

English: Carl Gustav Jung, full-length portrai...Recently I came across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, (also known as the Jung Typology Test), and I think it is outstanding.  Oh how I wish I’d taken this test years ago. It would have saved me years of wondering if I was on the right track (turns out I was) and helped me to know where to place my energies in order to be the most effective.

This short questionnaire was developed by a mother/daughter team, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, based on the work of Swiss Psychotherapist Carl Jung.  Its strength lies in measuring how each individual person perceives the world and makes decisions.  By taking this test you’ll discover your personality type, illustrated by four letters, which reflects your own personal expression of sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Then, based on your type, the test recommends professions that will utilize your unique strengths and offer you deeper fulfillment.

Fictional couple Luke Spencer and Laura Webber...Reading your type description resembles a horoscope on steroids, except that it’s based on concrete information that you yourself have provided.  Since its suggestions reflect your truest nature, it can help you avoid being swept away by the superficial passions of the moment. When I was 17-years-old and caught up in the “Luke & Laura” craze, I briefly flirted with the thought of setting out for Hollywood in search of my big break on General Hospital. While I may have been passionate about the show – this test has confirmed that would most certainly NOT have been a wise decision! (Sorry Luke, our love just wasn’t meant to be!)

By taking the test, I found out that I’m an INFJ– the rarest of all types representing on one percent of the population.  (Oh, so that explains it…) INFJ’s are big picture people who are always searching for ways to improve themselves and the world around them. They thrive on inspiring others and helping them find purpose or meaning. Writing, counseling, teaching and public service are areas where INFJ’s frequently find their niche.So it looks like I’ve been on the right track after all.  (Good to know). Examining your results is fun because these definitions go beyond simply suggesting careers – and can also shed light on other aspects of your life.  Once you’ve discovered your personality type, a simple internet search will turn up plenty of interesting information about you as a parent, a partner and a person.

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I took the test three times, from three different sources, and consistently came up with the same answer.  I recommend that you do the same to ensure that you find the correct type.


Below I’ve supplied links to three different free versions of the test:

Similar Minds

Jungian Types Test


Once you’ve discovered your own personality type, please come back here and leave a comment sharing your type and thoughts about the test.  Are you already on the right track – or do you need to do some fine-tuning?  Sometimes having just a little more insight on a situation can make all the difference. Let us know!  Good luck!

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