Making Mountains out of Molehills

One of the leading female runners.
One of the leading female runners. (Photo credit: magandafille)

I have a new motto – and I think that this particular saying is going to save me a lot of stress, make me more productive, and help to return the enthusiasm to my life.

It is – wait for it…Things are only as hard as you make them.

You see, I’ve discovered that I’ve been making things much harder than they actually are – even simple things – and it’s sucking the joy right out of my life.  For example, Thursday is my house cleaning day, and it usually starts out with me grabbing a third cup of coffee while sprawled depressively on the couch – half watching Live with Kelly and Michael and half saddled with the mental burden that I have to clean the house.  Of course, its total nonsense, cleaning the house isn’t necessarily difficult and it doesn’t even take that much time but somehow I always choose to build it up in my mind like I’m setting out to run the Boston Marathon or something. It’s an illusion, a misconception – but I’ve acquired a terrible habit of doing it regarding almost everything.

“Oh my gosh, I said I’d have dinner with my friend tonight, I guess I’d better go get ready for that.”

“Ugh, I haven’t written a blog in over a week.  So.  Much.  Pressure.”

Whiney, whiney, whine.  How did I become this way?  It’s ridiculous.  As a freelance writer I have more time now than I ever have – and yet I think I’m complaining more.  And it’s not even that I’m lazy, while it may sound cliché, I guess I’ve just fallen into the habit of making “mountains out of molehills.” I suppose those old sayings always come from a place of truth – we’ve just learned to tune out the bigger message over time.  But no more.  The first step to recovery is realizing that you have a problem, and I am Marci the Mountain Maker. Or was.  Because now I know  – wait for it…Things are only as hard as you make them.

It’s true, of course.  Getting to the gym is always the hardest part.  Most things in life aren’t brain surgery or rocket science (except for, of course, brain surgery and rocket science, and I don’t plan to do either one of those).  It’s all a matter of perspective – and semantics.  From now on I’m changing my wording.  Instead of saying:

“I have to pick up the kids from school,” I’m going to say “I get to pick up the kids from school” (because spending time with my family is what I’ve always wanted.)

“I have to clean the house,” I’m going to say “I get to clean the house” (because I love my home – and I especially love it when it’s clean.)

“I have to write a blog,” I’m going to say “I get to write a blog” (because I love the way it feels when my thoughts fall neatly into place and I actually discover something meaningful and helpful in my life.)

English: Molehills on farmland near Willoughby...
English: Molehills on farmland near Willoughby House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The truth is, life is good, and even the mundane little “have to’s” are blessings – but I guess I haven’t been honoring them as such.  But hey, if rediscovering my joy is as easy as a simple shift in perspective then I think I can handle that. I will let my molehills remain molehills – or better yet, maybe I’ll make friends with the mole.

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