Heeding your Inner Voice

(Excerpt from Pain, Passion & Purpose )

Who am I? What’s my purpose in life? Where do I go from here? These can seem like difficult questions but finding the answers is as simple as listening to your own heart. The hard part is blocking out the world around you. It can be very loud…and persistent! Although hearing your inner voice can take some practice, it always holds the power to lead you to your greatest happiness. You can start to follow its Divine roadmap by heeding these tips:

Just Say “No”…to Labels

Realize that although labels may feel good at first because they illustrate that you’ve actually accomplished something, there’s a pretty hefty price to pay for that; labels attempt to keep you frozen in time. People will begin to associate you with a certain stereotype and be less likely to allow you to express your own individuality.

Remember, You’ve had the power all along, Dorothy

Keep in mind that your desires are valid because you say they are – not because of the approval of other people. It’s fine to take their opinions into consideration, but always evaluate things with your own mind and from your own perspective. Only you know what it will take to create the ultimate version of yourself. Hold on to that privilege.

Bridge the Past, Present and Future

No matter where your life may have placed you right now, make an effort to reclaim the “whole” you. You can do this by reconnecting with things you loved as a child, and taking concrete action to prepare for what you desire in the future. Remember, you don’t have to wait for something or someone to give you permission – you’re ready, willing and worthy of doing it now…with no apologies to anyone. These are the things that make you uniquely you, and not just another carbon copy of someone else.

kammla at 3months old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Develop Dog Ears (God Ears)

If you’re unsure of where to go next, follow your inner knowing. Sometimes society can drown that voice out until it’s only a faint whisper, but rest assured it’s still there. Find some quiet time to hear it, and then dare to dream again. Learn to use this inner wisdom to your advantage because its sole purpose is to guide you to your soul purpose. You’re not alone on this journey, so graciously accept this Divine help and then proceed forward enthusiastically!

Just Do It

As with any journey, you’ll have to take the first steps to get there, but in the meantime, try your prize on for size. Become vocal about your intentions, do things pertaining to your dream, and begin to convince yourself, and the world, that your dream has the potential to become a reality. You know what they say…shoot for the moon; even if you don’t make it, you’ll dance among the stars.

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Marci Wise is the author of Pain, Passion & Purpose. Copyright © 2013 marciwise.com. Material is copyrighted but free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address.

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