Using the Gifts of Silence

(Excerpt from Pain, Passion & Purpose )

SILENCE (Photo credit: Anders Printz)

It’s an interesting irony that in a space of purposeful nothingness (silence) you actually discover something valuable. Creating a quiet space holds rewards that can range from the mundane to the miraculous – but first we must shut out the world and surround ourselves with the silence. This means not only quieting our outside environment but also our mental chaos. Reaping the rewards of stillness requires intention, focus and discipline but the riches it can provide are legendary.

Stress relief – When compared to expensive vacations, exhausting exercise and side-effect filled medications seeking out a little quiet time seems like a very reasonable thing to do. Yet, life’s distractions can keep us away from silence. Make a conscious effort to find a peaceful space on a regular basis. Studies have shown that immersing ourselves in restorative solitude can lower blood pressure, aid in healing and increase our overall satisfaction with life itself.

English: Le Silence, painted plaster sculpture...

Creativity – In silence we can reach a level of introspection that we can’t achieve while surrounded by public interaction. With all distractions taken out of the equation we’re more able to hear our own “inner” voice and connect with creativity. This sacred space enables us to think outside of the box more easily and entertain the new and novel.

Clarity – Learning to silence obsessive thoughts can offer us a stronger sense of clarity that we can seldom achieve while surrounded by life’s normal hustle and bustle. Solutions to long-held dilemmas often float in with such ease that we’re surprised we didn’t see them sooner. In the stillness it seems that we have access to mental reserves that we weren’t even aware we had.

Gift of Peace
Gift of Peace (Photo credit: YardSale)

Peace – Torment, confusion and pain often force us to seek the silence as a place of temporary shelter. By removing ourselves from the chaos, the quiet offers us a safe place to withdraw from the world, rest and rejuvenate. While the craziness of the world may rage on relentlessly, in the stillness we can find peace, if only for a fleeting moment. With time and attention we can learn to still our thoughts and fill ourselves with peacefulness whenever we desire.

Bliss – For the lucky and disciplined people that have experienced it, this all-consuming feeling of joyous well-being creates an appetite for more. A powerful curiosity is aroused and we long to be reunited with it once again. It offers us the allure of answers to all of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions and broadens the boundaries of human possibility – reigniting our excitement and passion for living.

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