Tips for Finding your Inspiration

Dream girlAll my life I felt like there was something important that I was meant to do – yet I was somehow separated from it – blocked, if you will. I could sense it calling me but could never quite reach it. Looking back I can clearly see that I had placed some very tight walls around myself. Whether it be for protection, out of extreme perfectionism or just the fear of other’s judgment, I had unintentionally stopped the creative flow of life in its tracks!

Luckily for me, a series of unfortunate events stripped me of all of the things that I thought defined me, gave me a glimpse of something greater at work behind the scenes, and allowed me to start again – this time with the winds of change at my back. I was once again in the flow – and it felt exciting, freeing and wonderful!

So how can you reconnect with the awesome energy that rules the world and let it guide you to your highest good and ultimate purpose? By following our intuition and learning to listen with your heart – instead of your ears.

Stripping Down the Boundaries

By broadening our minds, we can literally open up the possibilities in our lives. There’s more to be seen than we’ve allowed ourselves to see, so here’s how to begin to infuse the landscape ahead with renewed vision, energy and enthusiasm.

Reserve the right to draw your own conclusions. We’re each given a mind for the purpose of gaining understanding. We shouldn’t be afraid to use our abilities to investigate, evaluate and decide for ourselves. Instead of blindly accepting someone else’s take on something, do your own research and experimentation and see where it leads you. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, there’s no harm in asking questions. In fact, it’s the only way anyone grows. There’s much to be discovered – so learn to become a spiritual explorer!

Two signs mark the entrances to the Field of D...Learn to see the signs and synchronicities. When you’re in the flow, life will offer you glimpses and acknowledgements that you’re on the right track in the form of signs and synchronicities. Learning to recognize them takes some practice – but it will revitalize your life with a sense of adventure and excitement! Remember the key to knowing whether something is truly a sign is getting in touch with your own “inner knowing.” If you have to force the connection, then chalk it up to coincidence and simply ask for another sign. If it’s indeed pointing you in a certain direction, you’ll know it! When you do, always acknowledge the sign and offer a silent and heartfelt “thank you.”

Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evaluate your dreams for clues. Paul McCartney “found” the lyrics to the song Yesterday in a dream – Stephen King dreamt the entire plot of Misery while on a long plane flight – and golfer Jack Nicklaus perfected his swing by seeing it done differently in his dreams.  Even if you don’t come across a world-changing invention or a best-selling screenplay, at the very least you’ll become more in touch with your own inner feelings, fears, and desires. Keep a dated journal by your bedside to record your nighttime ponderings. Re-read your dreams occasionally and see if you can find common patterns.

Allow yourself to daydream. Conceive it – believe it – achieve it. Anything that’s ever been created has followed that pattern. If you limit what you can conceive, you naturally limit your potential. Besides, daydreaming is fun  – and it gives you the same happy emotions in the moment as if you’d already succeeded. If it uplifts your psyche – go for it!

There’s more to this life than can be seen with the eyes – so open your heart and mind and see what wonders you can discover!

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Marci Wise is the award-winning author of Pain, Passion & Purpose. Copyright © 2013 Material is copyrighted but free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address.

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