Break Free! 5 Steps toward Personal Empowerment

"The process of spotting fear and refusing to obey it is the source of all true empowerment" - Martha Beck Everybody has a passion – and mine is helping people discover a sense of personal empowerment. Maybe that focus comes from my own life spent learning to overcome power hurdles on the way to feeling …

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Can we Talk? Obviously not. (A rare rant)

This is not about politics. I don’t like politics – and probably for one huge reason that reflects directly on a monstrous deficit in our society – we have forgotten how to communicate in a respectable way. The world appears to have become divided between those who attack and those who are offended. What ever …

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Defeating Our Truest Enemies

I don’t like to fight. Yet, I think I’ve always bought into the notion that you have to have a fighter’s spirit in order to survive in this world. For this reason it only makes sense to heed the first rule of wartime – know your enemies. This knowledge is the sharpened sword that will help us to cut through the obstacles and reclaim our own power.

Resolution Success: Tips for Staying the Course

Believe it or not, if you set a New Year’s Resolution then today is the day that you will most likely give it up. Studies show that most people abandon their resolutions just one week into the new year. If you can relate, listen up! Instead of giving in – this is the moment to …

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Tips for Finding your Inspiration

All my life I felt like there was something important that I was meant to do - yet I was somehow separated from it - blocked, if you will. I could sense it calling me but could never quite reach it. Looking back I can clearly see that I had placed some very tight walls around myself. …

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A Modern Motto

I was just reminded of a saying that has helped me tremendously: “Anything that’s worth doing – is worth doing poorly.” Now, at first glance that might seem like a terrible motto – but when you think about it, it’s bordering on brilliant! If you’re a recovering perfectionist, like me, then you can probably think …

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