Using your Spiritual Tool Kit

(Excerpt from Pain, Passion & Purpose )

lockLife can seem so complicated when we’re trying to control all the variables and muscle our way through to our goals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Each and every one of us can enlist the helping hand of Spirit. The trick is learning how to decipher the language of the Universe. It’s easy! Follow these five simple steps for finding your true direction:

Invite it in – Since we all have free will, Spirit can’t help you until you actually give it permission to be an active force in your life. Perhaps this is why so many people gain faith after a great tragedy or trauma. During their darkest of times, they’re forced to cry out for help in desperation and then miraculously they start seeing positive results. We don’t have to wait until our worlds are falling apart though, we can ask for its guidance at any time.  Spirit is always eager to help but is forced to watch from the sidelines until we invite it in.

rainbowSee and acknowledge the signs – Once you’ve asked for help, be on the lookout for signs pointing you in a certain direction. They can come to you in a variety of ways: an unusually strong inner knowing, synchronicities, chance encounters, or sudden opportunities. It’s important for you to notice the signs that are being sent your way and acknowledge them. This is the beginning of your two-way communication with Spirit. Appreciating and offering your gratitude for Spirit’s work on your behalf will result in them occurring in your life with more and more frequency.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake action – Once you’re aware that you’re being pointed in a certain direction; you have to act on it. Yep, it’s leap of faith time. Living with your whole soul doesn’t involve holding back. Although Spirit can help you find your way, only you can take the steps to make it all happen. You’re co-partners. Spirit has done its part, so now it’s your turn.

girl successInfuse with energy and enthusiasm – Part of living an enlightened life is rising above fears and doubts and simply allowing ourselves to shine. Life is meant to be enjoyed not just struggled through. When we get too serious and downtrodden we’re crushing the magic of life. You can’t shine when you’re surrounded by defense mechanisms. Knock down those walls, open up and allow yourself to get excited about life again!

happy peopleSurrender – After you’ve asked it in, seen the signs, and taken action with energy and enthusiasm, just let go of any expectations and enjoy the ride. When we get too attached to specific outcomes we can become blinded to the unexpected gifts that come our way.  Spirit’s goal is always to move you toward your highest good, so simply trust that you’re where you need to be and that blessings are right around the corner!

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Marci Wise is the award-winning author of Pain, Passion & Purpose. Copyright © 2014 Material is copyrighted but free to repost as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address.

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