Letting Go of Your Old Story

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Well, I’m emerging out of a quiet period. I go through these phases periodically where I just really have nothing to say – and I always feel that, in that case, it’s best to just keep quiet. There’s nothing worse than talking just for the sake of hearing yourself talk!
However, I’ve found that these times of silence often precede growth spurts – periods of great change and productivity. Maybe it’s the body’s way of resting up for what’s to come. And, it looks like this time will be no different, as I’ve decided to embark on some new and exciting challenges. Sometimes we need to renew our focus in order to revitalize our lives – and I think that’s where I’m at right now.
As long as were living, infinite possibility is always within our reach – we just have to take the initiative to reach for it. To decide what direction we’d like to go in – and then take the baby steps to get there. Over time, a series of baby steps results in great leaps forward – and it all starts with that small inclination to just do “something.”
Courtesy: morguefile.com

As I was telling someone about my new plans over the phone, I found myself starting down that old familiar road of making excuses for why I hadn’t done it sooner. I began to relay a well-worn story from my past when suddenly the phone went dead. I immediately knew that it was no accident. While telling that story was what I had always done in the past, somehow I knew that it no longer suited me. Any accounts of how the past has affected me, no matter how valid, only serve to carve away at the hard-earned sense of personal empowerment that I now cherish.
During that conversation, my body physically began to show signs of distress as the words fell from my lips – my heart was beating a little faster, my thoughts were jumbled and a bead of sweat formed on my forehead. When the call was dropped, I felt relief, as if the Universe had given me another chance to start again and proceed differently this time. And so I did. When I reconnected with my friend, I took a different approach and talked about my hopes and intentions – and instead of feeling anxious, I felt calm and powerful.
Courtesy: morguefile.comThat experience, however random it may have seemed, made realize how important our “story” is. How many times do you find yourself repeating the same old, stale lines about past encounters – ones that only serve to shine a light on your failures, mistakes and shortcomings? When in truth, no life is ever a straight line from birth to success. It has curves, hills and valleys – and sometimes we even discover priceless gems while wandering down those unworn paths. So today, decide to frame your story in a different light – knowing that all of it has helped to shape the wiser and more knowledgeable person that you are today. What matters most is what you do from this point on, so why not make it wonderful?
I came across this quote on Facebook and it seemed to touch my soul:

“She left the old story behind her and stepped into another once upon a time.”

Courtesy: morguefile.comYou are the star of your story. Make yourself someone the audience would cheer for!

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5 thoughts on “Letting Go of Your Old Story

  1. Joseph Gianguzzo

    Hi Marci, I enjoyed this article and could relate to a lot of it too. Seems we’re in synch. I even noticed the Facebook post you mention (before I read this) and almost cut and paste it. Thanks for talking today and for facilitating the guidance as well.

    Love you! Joe

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Marci,

    Indeed, the idiosyncrasies we tend to hold on to remain because they’re warm, fuzzy and familiar. They often leave our life of their own accord but if they’re taking a wee bit too long to do so, they need a gentle push.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article, particularly when you explained your phone was ‘over the same old story’ and decided to die. Love that analogy.

    Now, armed with an improved mindset, I will indeed wrap the old in the bright shiny lights of the new attitude I will take with me when I leave this page.

    Our failures were some of the gems that brought us to where we are today!


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